Saturday, January 7, 2012

In 2012..I Will Delve

In 2012, "Into the heart of the home I will delve." My hubby and I love having yearly themes. We've done that just about every year since we've been married. Well, that's been thirty-two years now. Last year was "On earth as it is in heaven in 2011" and one of the most memorable "Trust and believe in the Lord as never before in '84."

What led us to this new theme was an inspirational quote by St. Therese of Lisieux. She said something to the effect, "I'll be love in the world."

Love, after all, is the only thing that works. And love is in the present; it is in the moment. It is now!

If we love in the present, the end will take care of itself. What end you might ask. It's the dreams, visions and desires each one of us has for the future. They're as different as people are different. What's important to remember is when we have the end in view, it causes not loving in the present. If we just reverse it and focus on love, the rest will unfold.

So when there are interruptions at home, I will drop everything and focus on and be present to another. Will I succeed? That's up to God and the grace He bestows on me. I know the flesh and the enemy will rebel. (It just did a few moments ago). Satan will be subtle; otherwise, I'll recognize him easily.

If I fail, my response to circumstances will show me where I'm really at. As long as I need patience, I'm not loving. So I'll be mindful, ever mindful, and strive to become who I am. I am love in the heart of the home.

Happy New Year!

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