Thursday, February 9, 2012

Melt Me

My honey ran off to the store to satisfy our sweet tooth and brought back cinnamon rolls.
And as if it wasn't rich enough I melted some butter to pour over the top.

In the Eucharistic chapel the next morning, it seemed a stereo was silently playing in my mind. I could hear a Welsh folk tune--the familiar children's lullaby "Sleep, my child, and peace attend thee, All through the night; Guardian angels God will send thee, All through the night."

Why the lullaby? Remembrances of rocking my own children with hopes of them sleeping in peace fleeted through the archives of my mind.

The songs faded and now words silent, just spoken interiorly, proposed this sweet invitation: "I want to hold you, rock you, comfort you as a mother does her child. I want to transport you  to a place of deeper rest in me."

"Why is that so important? Why such deep rest?" I questioned.

"Resting, not sleeping," I understood Him say. "It is a holy relaxation. Melt into Me. Out of this deep rest in me, I want you to live your life." I repeated this with whispering lips.

My mind responded, "Then I need to enter into the rest each morning...I need to listen, to hear what You say, otherwise there'll be no deep rest in You."

The image of butter on the cinnamon roll came back and how I melted it to pour over the top. If I had stuck a little slab of cold butter on, it wouldn't have been as delicious. It was the melting that enabled me to pour out the liquid over the top. And that made it so good.

What happens when something melts? Molecules are moving--fast! When they're heated they absorb the thermal energy and start to vibrate. Energy increases when something melts.

Oh, wow! Do I start to vibrate when I melt into the Lord...when I sit in the heat of His presence? Isn't that the same thing that happens in His presence--the heat, the melting, the transforming, the enlightening, the energizing, the liquifying for the pouring out?

Look at the radiant light!

Draw me into your presence, O Lord, where I am melted so that I can be poured out for others. Amen!

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  1. Love this analogy--

    and I love this line

    Draw me into your presence, O Lord, where I am melted so that I can be poured out for others. Amen!

    yes, amen to that dear sister--that is what I desire!