Thursday, May 26, 2011


We were strolling down the street last night--my honey lamb and I. A strong whiff of sweet perfume filled our nostrils. He bent over to pick up the magnolia petal laying on the ground and handed it to me.

If only we could exude that "fragment aroma" as others pass by--be that sweet fragrance that rises to the nostrils of the Most High.  An acceptable sacrifice that is pleasing to Him. Phil 4:18

I picked a blossom off the magnolia tree at my parents' house today...
and placed it in a bowl on our dining room table.

One petal's power to capture our attention was amazing. Its intoxicating odor filling the atmosphere with the pervasive scent of magnolia making me desire the whole blossom.

Oh, women of peace, the power of one person to become that sweet fragrance to the world and to the Most High!

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