Monday, July 18, 2011

Ring the Bear Bells

Dear Lulu,

How is my dear precious sister today? I hope you are feeling well.

You've been on my mind since Con Man moved west. I know your heart was saddened by that choice.

Oh, our they have strings around our mother's hearts!

We spend every ounce of energy ensuring their welfare and happiness when they are young and then when they grow up and make their own choices, what are we to do with all the love and concern--with all the energy that once consumed us like a protective mother griz?

As I write I have the image of us walking that path to Avalanche Lake in Glacier Park many years ago. You're such a brave soul. We arrived at the trailhead and the sign read, "At our own risk!" because bears had been sighted on that path. You didn't flinch. We proceeded; I timidedly following you--my younger sister. (Well, only eleven months, my Irish twin.)

I felt like I was in the Where's Waldo book; everywhere I looked through the dense forest I thought I could see a grizzly face. About halfway on the two mile path you said to my alarm, "Oh, I forgot the bear bells!"

"Bear bells?" I inquired. "What are those?"

"Oh, they sell them in stores to ward off bears when you're hiking. You jingle them so that the bears don't come upon you unexpectedly. That's when they strike. When they don't know you're there and suddenly come upon you, they get scared. They want to protect the little cub(s) so they attack. So you're supposed to jingle the bells."

OMG! I was horrified. "Get your car keys out, I exclaimed!"

So we jingled those keys in lieu of the bells the rest of the way to Avalanche Lake, Lulu. Remember that? I calmed down a little, and I sure felt brave when we arrived back at the trailhead safe and sound. You are more adventurous than I am!

Today as I think about you and your broken heart, I encourage you to ring the bear bells. Ring them loud and clear, Lulu, to ward off any threatening spirit that tries to tempt you into sadness and depression and rob you of joy and energy. Don't let those grizzly spirits cause you fear and anxiety. Keep your eyes on your goal, whatever that may be, like we did Avalanche Lake. Keep ringing those bells because they'll hear you and turn from you.

Mama said in our years growing up, "Things aren't always as they seem, nor are they necessarily the other." It's obviously ambiguous, but applicable. Those "what-ifs" can really set in. What if this happens or that. Even though your Con Man moved away, none of us know how long that will last. I encourage you to persevere with the faith and confidence that are written in your heart.

Carry our Grant family motto, "One day at a time!" That's enough. But do ring those bear bells, sister.

I love you,

Your 4ever Irish twin, SheMoe

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