Thursday, August 4, 2011

Cultivating Silence

Monks should diligently cultivate silence at all time, but especially at night. RB80.42.1 *

"Silence is an important monastic value. The ability to be maintain stillness and quiet within life is a skill that eludes many of us in today's culture that is often desired. There is always an abundance of sensory stimulus that hinders us from being able to maintain any semblance of inner quiet--iPods, cell phones, pagers, im, facebook, etc.

How can I best establish an inner peace within myself?

  1. Establish a tech free zone in my day. Resist the temptation to go to sleep and awaken with facebook.
  2. Find random moments within my day to just breath and call on God's name to remind me of God's presence within my life.
  3. Start my day with a recommitment to doing God's will."

by Sr. Catherine Martinez, O.S.B. 
St. Joseph's Monastery  Tulsa, OK   U.S.A.

* The Rule of Benedict

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