Monday, October 31, 2011

Wrap Your Arms

"Good morning, dear Lord!" the little one said.
"I love you!
I feel joy and peace
sitting in the stillness
of your presence.
What is your concern today?"

"Rejoice that I have risen!" the Wise One said.

The little one continued, "I know that you have risen from the dead,
and that you are alive.
What more do you mean, O Lord?"

"So too shall you be with me," the Wise One continued.
"I am with you now, but so too shall you be."

"Thank you," dearest Lord, the little one said.
"You are alive! Tell me more."

The Wise One continued, "I am living, and breathing,
thinking and moving. I am a person."

"Wrap your arms tightly around me,"
the little one begged.

"Rest deeply in me today," the Wise One instructed.

The little one queried, "How does that look?
What must I do?"

"Take quiet time with me," the Wise One encouraged.

And then the Wise One began to sing,
"Come unto me when you are heavily burdened
and take my yoke upon your shoulders,
I will give you rest.    Mt 11: 28
Like a shepherd I feed my flock
and gather the lambs in my arms,
holding you carefully close to my heart,
leading you home."    Ez 34: 11

The little one rejoiced and said,
"Thank you, Lord, for feeding your sheep,
with your life-giving Word
that, like your steadfast love,
is new every morning." Lam 3: 22-24

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