Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Taking Quiet Time

     Sometimes there are so many distractions that come from every direction. Just when you think you can sit down, be still, take a deep breath and enter more deeply into the presence of God--who is with us always--other things can quickly grab our attention. For instance, the phone might ring and a family member needs you, someone might text and needs to know something about your plans later in the day, you need to go to the bathroom so you get up and you get distracted on your way back to your prayer chair, or someone in your family asks you a question even though you said, "I'm in quiet prayer now"…I've experienced all of these and more.
     So many different things can happen as we try to enter deeply into this sacred space. But regardless of the distractions, every return is virtuous when we re-commit our will to make a return. Do not let the distractions bother you even if many have already occurred--just be grateful that you’ve been given the grace to keep turning back. Be mindful of those distractions. Think about humanity and how many people are needing to enter this quietness and have no idea how to get there. But you do if only for five minutes. And that’s a very good start. 
     So uncross your legs and put both feet flat on the ground. Straighten your back and take a deep breath. Be aware of the light of the day that is shining on the world. Imagine that light penetrating your body and your mind and it is healing light. You open up to receiving it because you know you need it. And remember it is not an "it," rather a person-Him!
"I am the Light of the world; he who follows Me will not walk in the darkness, but will have the Light of life."  
     It is He who is calling you close, out of His enormous love, His magnanimous love. He wants to give you a kiss for the day, a kiss that will be with you throughout the day--one that will remind you and seal your identity as His child, actually as His lover. Imagine that! So embrace the five or the 10 or the 15 minutes in silence, and be filled with the light for this new day. Then let that light shine to all you meet.

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