Thursday, December 29, 2011

In His Presence

My dear friends,

This morning I came upon an article written by David Wilkerson. Its' title drew me--"The Only Hope in the Coming Storm." Of course, we might quickly question, what do you mean by "coming storm" and who said there's a storm coming? But, beyond that, if there ever is a storm what is this "only hope" he is referring to? I think what he said is profound and I completely agree with him; listen carefully to Wilkerson's words:

Beloved, if we’re going to face the coming storm, then we need to be prepared so nothing disturbs our spirit. The only way to do that is to spend time in the Father’s presence, beholding his face. We have to be shut in with him— on our knees, practicing his presence, seeking him—until we are thoroughly persuaded he’s at our right hand.

God is clearly telling us, “Don’t be moved or agitated by anything you see. Keep your eyes focused on me and you will retain your joy.” According to David, Jesus testified, “Thou shalt make me full of joy with thy countenance” (Acts 2:28).

It is as if Christ is telling us, “I faced everything you’re going to face in the closing days of time. I had the same foreboding feelings because I saw the coming storm. But I ran into the presence of my Father and he lifted all my concerns. He showed me the outcome of it all. And in his presence I found all the joy, hope and rest I would ever need, to the very end. I have peace and joy because I’ve been with him.” “My flesh shall rest in hope” (2:26).

My friends, my hope for us this new year is that we can take this word to heart and spend more time in His presence. There is our hope; there is our protection; there is our answer.

May God our Father draw you as never before.

Much love,
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