Thursday, March 22, 2012

My Dearest Child

I hear the cry of your heart,
and I long to reassure you.
I am with you always.

Your heart purely longs for me,
for the courts of my house,
and I welcome you in.

You are my eternal guest.

I have found you worthy
through the blood of the Lamb,
my son, your Lord,
the Prince of Peace.

He who comforts hearts,
who loves beyond measure,
who stands firm, and causes you to stand firm.
He who is relentless in His love and mercy,
who looks kindly upon you.

Rejoice and be glad this day,
O daughter of Zion,
for your Lord stands near,
as your sword and shield
to defend you in these evil days
when Satan has been loosed upon the earth.

You are my anointed daughter
to whom I give the well-springs of water,
whose breath I sustain,
whose mouth I open,
whose voice I bless,
whose feet I keep,
whose hand I touch,
whose heart I love,
whose mind I know,
whose desire is mine,
whose faith is strong,
whose courage endures,
who is favored.

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