Wednesday, September 11, 2013


My precious mother, Kathryn Grant, striken with Alzheimer's disease and unable to write, walk, speak coherently, or feed herself any longer wrote this beautiful passage in 2003 on the tragedy of 9/11 two years after the horrific event. I am led to share it with you today because the call remains to 'take up arms' and to be hope bearers in this world and I, her daughter, will issue it again now a decade later and together we will pass it on from generation to generation.

     "The heart of our nation has not fully healed since the tragedy of 9/11. The grief of the victims' families has not been assuaged, nor has the magnitude of their loss been minimized by the passage of time. Indeed, the intervening months have brought more violence and death around the globe, in spite of enormous outlays of money and arms at the disposal of those who seek peace and do not find it. Meanwhile, there is an opportunity that begs the attention of we older citizens to 'take up arms'-, our own -, that is, to put our arms around the children and young people of this nation. We have lived through a succession of wars and civil upheavals; we have seen the fall of Communism and Fascism; we have seen an earlier culture turned upside down by radical changes of every kind. We have lost loved ones, family and peers. By virtue of age and experience, we are singularly qualified to be hope bearers. Like the canaries sent down into the mine shafts to test for any toxicity, we bring good news that all is well. Not even the monstrous blow of 9/11 can bring us to our knees, except in prayer.
     So, my, dear brothers and sisters of faith, we are called to a challenging "war effort." Our weapons are our collective voices of reassurance to our children, grandchildren, all who have lost hope for the future of our beloved country which we have historically called 'invincible.' One of us repeating Jesus' words, 'Be not afraid' is good, but when we collaborate, the collective power of our voices can turn the tide of events as they unfold. We are people of prayer. How else does one survive what we have been through in our long lives? And prayer will be our greatest weapon in bringing hope to the hopeless. The dues in our organization will be steep! requiring millions of prayers for the balance of our lives for our loved ones, and others all over the world who yearn for peace and security. We will be one voice for one people!"     Kathryn Grant

My mother's (Kathryn) testimony continues to touch me powerfully and I hope it does you. Let us continue to "bring good news that all is well."

Love & peace be with you & yours from generation to generation.

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