Monday, December 26, 2016

Prepare Ye the Way

I lit a candle and sat in the darkness before dawn. Just breathed in the birth of the fresh morning. Quieted myself. Redirected my thoughts as necessary to remain contemplative. Rested in his presence in my prayer chair. Looked out the big picture window in front of me as the sun rose in the east. Eventually light began to fill the room.

And then, as I wrote in my journal, I wished the Lord "Good Morning" and ushered the invitation "Come, O Lord!" Give me the graces, I prayed, to prepare my heart for you. And I sweetly said, "I am yours, and you are mine. You have the words of eternal life so speak to me. I am listening."

Are you (the reader) listening too?

And then in that still small voice, I heard, "Behold, I am coming soon.  With the sound of a trumpet I will return. The earth will tremble and shake. For behold, I come quickly. (Rev 3: 11, 22: 7 & 12)

Are you ready for his coming?

Prepare ye the way. Daily, for we know not the day nor the hour.

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