Monday, January 23, 2017


A thousand broken pieces scattered and thrown.
What is this miraculous force that seems to reassemble and
the masterpiece becomes even more beautiful and visible?

The love that was scarred and hidden comes to light and there you are again.

You, O Heavenly One, can orchestrate and devise the most ingenious plans. Way above what I could ever imagine.

Yes, we die a thousand deaths and through some supernatural recreation, we are transformed. I die in your arms. Reaching out to you with a mouth that can hardly speak, but you know how to read the language of the soul that longs to be one with the eternal flow. So I keep giving myself to you again and again and I never fear that you hear, and are near, for you have proved your love time after time.

I hear a melody that resounds so sweetly and harmoniously within and I am dancing in the wind of your spirit.

Twirl me round and round in our dance of love.

You & I ...

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