Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Two to Tango

"Peace is my farewell to you, my peace is my gift to you; I do not give it to you as the world gives peace. Do not be distressed or fearful." Jn 14: 27 This is part of today's gospel reading. Jesus is speaking to his disciples in his last discourse before his death on the cross.

"When we read or listen to Sacred Scripture God speaks to us. And when we pray we reply to Him. It's a two-way street. It takes two to tango. It's called a dialogue."

The priest at Mass this morning reminded us that this peace of which Jesus speaks is the "gift of salvation that comes from Jesus, the Messiah and Savior of us all." Fr. said Jesus' gift of peace is "not the peace of the Palestinians/Israel conflict or the uprising in the Arab countries. It is not the peace of Washington D.C. between the Democrats and Republicans."

Rather, "His peace is the place of 'sheer goodness' where he has created us to make us share in His own blessed life--Christ Jesus. He draws us into this goodness. He calls us to Him--to seek him with all our heart."

In the gospel reading Jesus is telling his disciples not to be troubled or afraid. How many times do we feel that way? Many times we do and for many reasons. Fr. suggested we make a list of all our troubles "that keep us from Him and his gift."

Here are a few you might relate to:
  • relationship with family member
  • relationship with employer--employees
  • relationship with the church
  • health issues
  • overweight
  • recovery from surgeries
  • fear of tornadoes, floods, earthquakes
  • financial troubles
  • losses to 401-K retirement 
  • threats to Medicare or Medicaid 

Present your personal list to the Lord. Let Him speak to your heart. Believe in Him. By his suffering and death he has shared with us all the evils we are troubled about. He gives the last discourse to assure his disciples that in Him we may find peace. "Take courage," Jesus says. "I have overcome the world."

Dialogue with Him. Speak your heart to Him and listen as He speaks his heart to you. It takes "two to tango." And in the "tango" we receive the gift that the world can not give.

Excerpts from homily by Fr. John Wade

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