Monday, October 24, 2011

Anxiety and Restlessness

Women of Peace ministry began when a desire within me increased to overcome anxiety and be led forth in peace. Other women expressed their desire to experience the same grace.

I remain aware that when my duties increase, my responsibilities multiply, the holidays are coming and relatives too, that I need to be more protected from all anxiety.

Here is what St. Padre Pio advises about that:

"Beware of anxiety and restlessness because there is nothing that more greatly impedes progress towards perfection. Sweetly place your heart in the wounds of our Lord, but not with force. Have great confidence in His mercy, because He will never abandon you. But do not fail, for this reason, to tightly embrace His Holy Cross."    

Just to reiterate...three things Padre Pio recommended:
  • place your heart in the wounds of the Lord
  • have confidence in His mercy
  • embrace His Holy Cross

Dear Lord, Father of heaven and earth,

     We offer to you this day our hearts as we place them in the wounds of your son, Jesus. We offer the resounding "YES" to your holy and perfect will and ask that you increase our confidence in your mercy. Forgive us of our sins and protect us from all anxiety. Give us, we beg you, O Lord, an increase, too, in the capacity to embrace your Holy Cross. Amen!

Grace & peace be with you,

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