Saturday, October 22, 2011

Be Not Afraid

Early this morning I went with my husband to a chapel. Near the end of adoration, I was flooded with the song "Be Not Afraid" by Bob Dufford. I could hear the first verse:

 "You shall cross the barren desert, but you shall not die of thirst.
You shall wander far in safety, though you do not know the way.
You shall speak your words in foreign lands and all will understand.
You shall see the face of God and live."

And then the refrain:

"Be not afraid. I go before you always.
Come, follow me, and I will give you rest."

I came home and was led to the blog site Whispers in the Loggia by Rocco Palmo. He had written a post entitled "Blessed Are You, John Paul II, Because You Believed!"

Little did I know it is the feast day of Blessed Pope John Paul II and words from his inaugural homily of the pontificate were being quoted. What were they? "Do not be afraid!"

I love it when this happens. The Lord speaks in our hearts when we take time to listen and then we turn somewhere else and that word is confirmed. Life in the Spirit is so exciting!

Here's an excerpt from John Paul's homily on October 22, 1978:

"...Do not be afraid. Open, I say open wide the doors for Christ. To his saving power open the boundaries of states, economic and political systems, the vast fields of culture, civilization and development.

So often today, man does not know that which is in him, in the depths of his mind and heart. So often he is uncertain about the meaning of his life on this earth. He is assailed by doubt, a doubt which turns into despair.

We ask you, therefore, we beg you with humility and with trust: let Christ speak to man. He alone has words of life, yes, of life eternal."

Amen to the prayer of your heart, Blessed John Paul II.
Intercede for us!

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