Thursday, March 31, 2011

Birthday surprises

The white noise machine is pulsating in the background with the sound of rain as my punky doodle sleeps. Footsteps scurry in these wee hours of the morning like a quiet mouse.

Final touches are being put on birthday surprises. A little message propped at the coffee pot.

A gift sack waiting with glee sharing same space.

Another message on the notorious fb....

"to my very best friend, my husband, Happy 50something birthday.
I'll love you forever!"

The smell of turkey will fill our home with aromas in the afternoon that set our feet a dancin'. A traditional repast with loved ones to give thanks for punky doodle's life that has made eyes glisten, hands raise, knees bend, hearts sing, arms embrace.

Love, life, joy, and peace darlin' and to all of you,


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