Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Who have you given power to in your life?
Who have you not forgiven?
Today's Gospel is about forgiving
"seventy times seven times. Mt 18:22

We need to remember
we hold own own selves in bondage
when we harbor unforgiveness,
resentment and bitterness
toward someone.

When we obey this gospel message,
70 X 7,
we are set free.

We may not feel like forgiving
but what we are asked to do is will it.
To have virtue is to force our will
to do what is right.

A woman of peace
demonstrates the action of mercy.
She is forgiving
and bears wrongs patiently.

She forces her will to do what is right
because she trusts
that in this act of faith
she is transformed,
and the spirit of peace
will rest upon her.

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