Saturday, March 19, 2011

People of Japan

My mother Kathryn's painting
How staggering to think of the tragedy that has fallen upon the country of Japan. One catastrophe is enough, but to suffer three simultaneously--earthquake, tsunami, nuclear plant crisis--is beyond comprehension.

I have a beautiful friend from Japan who lives here in Tulsa now. Her name is Sr. Maria Paula. She is a Catholic convert from Buddhism. When I wrote her to tell her how much her people were on my mind, she suggested I write a little poem about it. And so I simply did.

Loving Father, stretch out your hand,
On brothers and sisters in Japan.
We hear their cries within our hearts,
from them, O Lord, do not depart.

Our prayers this day, we do lift up,
and place them in your loving cup.
That covered in your precious blood,
they'll rise again despite quake and flood.

Let us not turn our eyes or ears,
but rather that the cross they bear,
be ours as well to You we plead,
and offer now each word and deed.

Thousands suffer, thousands died,
many missing once at their side.
Now children search for mom and dad,
the sorrow and grief, so truly sad.

Peace, we pray, be with them Lord,
no more hardship can they afford.
Within their homes and minds and hearts,
come quickly, Lord, do not depart.

Peace be with you and all the people of Japan,

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  1. Beautiful writings...As a decendant of St Francis Xavier Japan holds a special place in my heart.
    thank you-