Friday, February 11, 2011

Dining Room Table

Dear friends,

How are you today? We're excited here in Oklahoma that the temperature is going to rise taking us out of the arctic blast of frigid cold for awhile, at least. Just as the temps are rising something has risen within me this morning as I awoke.

How could I have not realized
You were inviting me back
to the very place
Women of Peace began?

Punky Doodle sorta' bumped me
from the desktop computer in the office
so I retreated to the little laptop
on the dining room table.

Lots of grunts and groans emerged
like a woman in the labor room
saying, "I can't do this!"
But oh, the birth of new life.

Blindfolds lifted from my eyes
and the beauty dawned
as the morning sun arose,
and the Son rose up from my wretched self.

I placed the large clay jug
in the center of the table
reminding myself
that i can only pour the water, and
He must change it into wine.

So I'm settled now in our
"Mary, Queen of Peace" room,
and with wide open arms
I accept my lot
and welcome the eastern light
pouring through the picture window.

As you go to His banquet table may you feast on His choice food, and drink His rich wine so that you may remain in Him and He in you. Jn. 6: 53-58 And may the eastern light rise upon you.

Peace & prayers,