Monday, March 7, 2011

Morning Prayer

Dear friends,

Every morning as my head lifts from the pillow
and I stretch in bed, I say this prayer:

"Dear Lord, I adore your Sacred Heart,
which I desire to enter with acts of
love, praise, adoration, and thanksgiving.
I offer You my own heart
as I sigh to You from its very depths,
asking that You will work through me
in all that I do this day;
thus may I draw You closer to me
than You were before.
I offer You all the crosses
and sufferings of the world,
in union with Your life on earth,
in expiation for sins.
Please join my every action and heartbeat
to the pulsations of your heart.
I unite all my works of this day
to those labors You performed
while You were on earth,
bathing them in Your precious Blood,
and I offer them to the Heavenly Father
so that many souls may be saved. Amen." 

This prayer can be found in the little book,
Prayers and Heavenly Promises by Joan Carroll Cruz.

May we be closely united to Him today in our hearts and actions.

Peace be with you,

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