Thursday, April 7, 2011

Eternal life

“No one is good but God alone,” You said.
And then you “looked at him and loved him.” Mk 10:18,21

You look and you love. Teach me how to look with love.
How did you show that love?

"With eyes of compassion," I heard you say in that still small voice.
"I heard the desire of the rich man’s heart. I longed for him to receive his desire for eternal life. That is the reason I came."

What more, dearest Lord,  must I understand?

“Anything that keeps one from being single-hearted must be given up,” You say.

O Jesus, You were human and divine—
how did you endure the hatred, indifference,
apathy, hostility, persecution, passion, and death?

“My Father’s love kept me going.”

People were constantly challenging you, and yet
you spoke with such love and were always prepared
with the right answers.
How did you do that, O Savior?

"My Father’s voice—I could hear my Father’s voice
and He told me everything I needed to know."

Jesus, You amaze me the way you spoke the truth with such love.
Teach me, I beg you, to do the same. To be more like You.

You were remarkably strong and stood so firm.
You rebuked even Peter upon whom the church would be built.

I want to accept the cross more fully in my life, O Lord.
I want to trust more than I ever have, love more than ever,
speak the truth more than I ever have…like You!
O let me not be ashamed of you and your doctrine of the cross.
Take pity on me, O Lord.

I beg you for more grace to see where I am blind,
to hear where I am deaf, to trust where I doubt,
to remember when I have forgotten, to understand when I do not.

Teach me to have greater faith.
To see that you are the bread of life
who longs to feed all of your people.
You who alone satisfies the hungry hearts.

You say, "No one who comes to me shall ever be hungry;"
All that the Father gives me shall come to me." Jn 6 : 35-39
We come to You, Lord.
Do I hear you saying, “The Father has given us to You?”
It is His will, you say, that what He has given you will not be lost…
but rather have eternal life.

O Father, what a glorious life you have prepared for us!

Give me an unquenchable desire for your flesh and blood
so that I may remain in You and You in me. Jn 6 :56
And I may know this eternal life.

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