Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I Confess

"Cleanse first the inside of the cup, so that the outside may also be clean." Mt 23: 26

Ever wonder why things may not be going as well as you hoped? We look all around at circumstances in our life wanting to find something or someone else to blame. But what about ourselves? Are we being honest with ourselves about what we might need to be responsible for, what we might need to change?

This scripture reading from today's gospel speaks about the need to examine our own selves for whatever may need to be cleansed within us.

It is true God's purposes can not be fully accomplished in our lives when there is strife in our relationships and instead of expecting someone else to change, let's see what we can do about changing ourselves.

Praying for the grace of God to shed light on truth and asking for a revelation of truth is most helpful. The reception of these graces means we'll see the sin within us more clearly, have the courage to admit it, find the wisdom to understand it and finally overcome it.

The Holy Spirit can come into our hearts and do a mighty work when we are open and resolve to sin no more. Let's pull up the covers this week over our souls and get rid of the filth.

As soon as we do this, new hope is born in our hearts and we can rejoice knowing God's purposes will not be hindered in our lives.

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