Wednesday, August 10, 2011


"The Bridegroom is Present but not Seen."
That's the talk I was listening to about silence,
mindfulness, and contemplative prayer
by Sr. Pascaline Coff.

Sitting at the breakfast room table,
I gazed in and out of the picture window
overlooking the backyard.

A word caught my attention from the talk.
We hear this in scripture.
Simply look.

I listened carefully to every word
taking notes on the main points.
And then I was drawn
to look out the window again.
This time the scene had changed.

A sparrow, blue jay and then dove flew onto the birdbath.
Delighted I ran to get my camera hoping they wouldn't fly away. 

I looked. I saw.
I experienced.
His love. His message.

There was a dove again.
One of them, I imagine,
that had been on the front porch back in the spring.

And in that moment His voice came.
That still small voice.
"Peace!" He whispered tiny.
And I heard...
because I looked. And saw the bridegroom in creation.

You may enjoy this link about Sr. Pascaline's reflections on peace:

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