Saturday, August 6, 2011

Peace of Heart

Six stages to be passed through in attainment of peace of heart and tranquility of mind by Aelred of Rievaula:
  • The rejection of worldly standards, particularly the search for pleasure or possessions and the ambition for honors.
  • The setting aside of self-love, vanity, pride, and the comparison of self with others.
  • Reflection on the necessities to which one is subject, as a creature subject to the desires of the flesh.
  • The experience of one's own infirmity, i.e., one's incapacity to do good and resist evil. (without the Holy Spirit's help, I might add)
  • Learning to place a guard over one's mouth and to be disciplined and restrained in speech.
  • The practice of bodily stillness and stability in all one's undertakings.
cover of Michael Casey's book
My husband was reading this excerpt aloud last night from one of our favorite books, Living in the Truth by Michael Casey which is about Saint Benedict's teaching on humility.

Aelred of Rievaula was a Cistercian monk, historian and author of many books. He later became abbot of the monastery in Rievaula.

Which of Aelred's six stages can you relate to? Is there one that resonates with you more than another?

I wish you much peace of heart always!

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