Saturday, August 27, 2011

Seek His Face

"Seek the face of the Lord and long for him:
He will bring you his light and his peace."  M. Joncas

Come my child into the deep silence
of my quiet presence.
There I can speak better
to the deep recesses of your heart.
I will embrace you there.
I will bless you beyond measure.

Come to me with all your heart,
and let not fear keep us apart.
I want to draw you closer
than you've ever been before.
Come follow me.

Come into a quiet place
where I can speak
to the deep recesses of your heart,
from the deep recesses
of my heart.

Come away from the noise and stimuli
that dull your senses,
from the clanging and banging
that keep you from hearing my voice.

There are secrets I long to tell you,
secrets of my heart,
deep secrets you can only hear,
when you come away with me. 1 Cor 4: 1

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