Monday, February 7, 2011

Attributes of Peace

Good morning friends!

In the wee hours of the morning, oh dear, a river of attributes for women of peace came spilling into my interrupted slumber, but when the inspiration comes, pen must write before the gift is forgotten. This list, still incomplete, is in no order of priority.
They are in the "present continuous" tense to show actions or a state of being that can be happening now or in the near future, and signify the process of becoming.


thinking on these things (Phil 4:8)
breathing deeply
abiding in a spirit of poverty
surrendering self
listening attentively
renewing mind
opening heart
knowing the Word
pondering carefully
seeing with faith
obeying quickly
confessing sin
repenting sincerely
sinning no more
forgiving readily
accepting self
overcoming fear
interceding for others
extending justice
helping neighbor
building the Kingdom
being loving
becoming holy
living in true righteousness
worshiping in spirit & truth
participating in community
rejoicing heart
celebrating life
singing a new song
sharing gifts
playing like a child
having fun
handling stress well
refraining from gossip
diving into mercy
renewing godly desires
choosing wisely
keeping mind on Thee
managing time well
speaking the truth
complaining not
drinking new wine
tasting divine life
trusting in Him
reconciling relationships
suffering long
making reparation
thinking positively
resolving matters
uniting to God
responding to call
seeing body as temple
trusting God's promises
seeking purity
praying for humility
sacrificing for others
begging for graces
walking in light
making a home
creating beauty
organizing chaos

These can be taken to prayer, asking the Lord which one(s) to focus on this week. See which one resonates most with you. That's probably the one the Spirit is bringing to your attention. For me, I will be pondering "seeing with faith" and "diving into mercy." You might try a colloquy like I shared in yesterday's post. If you think of something else I've forgotten that's important to you, please let me know. I will add it to the list.

I wish you a blessed week of joy and peace,

p.s. and do visit again!


  1. Knowing Him, hungering for Him, growing in Him and embracing Him. And with all my striving to please Him, the receiving back of all He is and all He gives to me is immeasurable, as in His attributes, He is always....
    Loving me!
    Healing me!
    Transforming me!
    Forgiving me!
    Holding me!
    Comforting me!
    Keeping me!
    Raising me!
    Restoring me!
    Cleansing me!
    Purifying me!
    Living in me!
    Reconciling me!
    Laughing with me!
    Crying with me!
    Delivering me!
    Feeding me!
    Providing for me!
    Gracing me!
    Protecting me!
    Never leaving me!
    Never failing me!
    Preparing a place for me to live with Him forever!

    Sweet relationship! Sweet union!