Thursday, February 24, 2011

Remember When?

Dear friends,

In the middle of the night these words came to me, "when I was a child...".

Several things came to mind as I pondered that phrase :
  • St. Therese of Lisieux, or St. Therese of the Child Jesus who was also known as the "The Little Flower of Jesus."
  • She continually inspires me by her teachings on the "Little Way." She found sanctity hidden in the stability of ordinary life within the convent walls--in the garden, in the chapel, in her little cell.
  • And the delightful book I've been reading called St. Benedict & St. Therese.
  • The author, D. Longenecker says, "Desert Fathers lived in cave cells...The cave is his prodigal's pigpen where he goes down to the underworld of his own soul. He goes there to find a hidden treasure, and the treasure he goes to find is the little child who was buried by the grown up he has become."

Can you relate to that? I certainly least the part about finding the child--a treasure being buried by the grown up.

We are given a summons to become a little child--to go in search of our true self--to find the child within who trusts, obeys, forgives easily and rejoices.

Where did we find our childhood treasures--those sacred moments when we were lost in the now eternal--the places we found life, and joy...and GOD? They were probably found in the commonplace circumstances of our lives --"the doings of nothing special." St. Therese

(And before I begin--this little poem will win no literary prizes, I assure you, but I do hope it will serve a purpose.)

I perched on fences
in the afternoon sun
talking to neighbor kids
was simply such fun.

I climbed three pear trees
in the backyard
and ate the green pears
even though they were hard.

I played "swing the statue"
and froze in my place
'til they guessed what I was
and laughed in my face.

I caught tadpoles and frogs 'n lightnin' bugs
and put their lights--yikes--inside of jars,
then I stared at the night sky
just counting the stars.

I sat in grass lookin' for four-leaf clovers
and fudged one, if I only found three.
I rode bikes up and over the hills,
regardless of bandaged skinned knees.

Round and round in circles
I twirled on ice
I never minded doing
the same thing twice.

"What a paradox that only when we convert and become a little child can we reach Christian maturity." J. Saward

May we find our child within and "become like little children" so that we may enter the kingdom of heaven! Mt 18:2-3

Blessed peace,


  1. Sheila, a few years ago when I was going thru one of the Intercessors of the Lambs' courses, Mother Nadine was talking about becoming a child. I kept asking God, how can I be a child-I am an adult." He told me to think back when I was a child and how trusting I was of those around me who took care of and loved me. He told me He wanted me to be like that with Him. I found a photo of myself at about age 5 and put it in my Bible, so that when I read Scripture I can look into those childlike eyes and see the innocence and trust that I need to have before my Heavenly Father.

  2. Dear Teresa,
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful reflection.
    What a great idea to put that photo of you as a child in your Bible. I will go do that right now.
    I'm back!
    I love those eyes so full of trust and joy, well, and the braids--they help complete the look
    of innocence.
    Much love sister,