Thursday, February 3, 2011

Blizzard Glory

There she stood tall & strong,
though the blizzard fell all around her,
it did not stay upon her;
it did not mar her glory.
And she stood out
in that blanket of white;
her colors of red and green sustained,
her shoulders held in dignity,
not bowing to any weight.
Though the photo shows her crying,
she was speaking loudly in her silence.
The winds whipped around her
and she only slightly fluttered.
Nandina is her name.

This second day of posting beckons for a dedication.

Three women come to my mind
~~~~a trinity of women~~~~
three of one heart--Sacred
who have helped me in the blizzards of my life:

+my own earthly mother, now in a nursing home
She can not walk,
or talk,
or feed herself any longer,
but she sits strong ...
tears well in my eyes
as I tell you how her silent presence
has blessed me,
spoken a thousand words to me;
she smiles although her eyes are closed.
A blizzard fell on her
and although it covered her for awhile it lifted,
and she passed to the other side right here on earth;
she is still with us
resting comfortably
in deep serenity.
She is a woman of peace,
her name is Kathryn.

+my heavenly Mother,
I can not see her
though I feel her presence;
even as a child I loved her
and I knew she loved me.
She hardly spoke a word either
while she was here on earth,
but when she did
there was power
and her words continue to give life.
"Do as He says"
at the wedding feast
before the water became wine.
She gives me a blizzard of graces
that have sustained me in the blizzards of my life
and helped me to move from "glory to glory." 2 Cor 3:18
She is the Queen of Peace,
her name is Mary.

+and a dear friend, a spiritual mother
who made this blog site possible;
when I did not know how to begin
she began for me...
during the biggest blizzard of my life
many years ago
when I was a principal and she
a teacher in the same school,
she gave me the Word
that I saved and the Word saved me.
Like Mary, she stood with me--
her presence making the cross bearable
and the fruit is ripe now,
a rising in the dying,
a going forth today and tomorrow.
She too is a woman of peace,
her name is Dianne.

Mary                     Kathryn                    Dianne

Have a beautiful day!
I hope you will come again tomorrow,

p.s. please visit Dianne's blog site at


  1. Everything on your blog flows as a sacred and inspiring poem. The rhythm of the words are touching, lifting and challenging. I feel your heart and soul and am blessed beyond words. I am so proud of you, great Woman of Peace. I love you even more now that you have opened up your alabaster jar and poured out your heart as a beautiful, fragrant perfume to all of us. Donna W.

  2. Dear, dear Sheila,
    To say that I am totally humbled by this post is a big understatement. And to honored in such exquisite prose makes it all the more special.

    I can really see that God is going to pour out his new wine on us through your blog and writings.

    Thank you dear friend. I am totally overwhelmed.


  3. Your love for these women is so evident in these beautiful words. I have had the privilege of meeting Dianne...she is a wonderful woman.

  4. How often I have felt these things, especially about my own mother, who has passed, but I was unable to express them as beautifully as you. I hope to visit often and absorb your beauty of the faith in words. God Bless! connie k.

  5. Dear Connie,
    Hello! Where are you?
    I was delighted to receive your beautiful comment and hear how the expression of words
    on yesterday's post reminded you of your dear mother. O, that mother/daughter connection is so strong!
    God bless you too! Please stay in touch.

  6. Dear Mary B.,
    Hello from snowy Tulsa--17" last week
    which is very unusual for us.
    I've been searching for a way
    to connect with you. Obviously,
    I'm so new at this...don't have this blog site figured out yet--at all.
    I can now see that my previous comment
    didn't go just to Connie.
    Thank you so much for your encouraging comments!
    Where do I find your email address, Mary?
    I hope you stay in touch too!

  7. Dear Dianne & Donna,

    Hello my dear friends
    who I have the privilege of knowing.
    When you come to Tulsa again, Dianne from AR,
    I want the two of you to meet.
    You are kindred spirits.

    Your comments for my first posts
    have given me
    strength and energy to continue,
    just like Connie's and Mary's.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  8. Sheila,

    These posts are awesome! You should put them all in a book and publish it!

    You are inspiring me to be faithful to my daily quiet time. I have asked my Celebrate Recovery sponsor to hold me accountable to 15 minutes a day of prayer. (I plan on working up to more, but wanted to give myself a goal that was attainable). Thank you, Woman of Peace!