Tuesday, February 8, 2011

You Are In Everything and Everywhere

Hello friends! How are you today?

Yesterday, I came upon some prose I wrote when our children were eleven and fifteen years old. I'm struck by the word become in the second to last verse--a word that was resonating then and still is. Interesting how a word can speak to the heart for so long.
You Are In Everything and Everywhere

Your grace descends 0 Lord, and I see You everywhere.
Are You not in the chirping of the huge flock of birds
deciding which direction to go mid-season?
Isn't that You I sensed
when my own patience would have failed me,
but extra patience—Yours--
helped me stand firm in a trying time?

Weren't You there when the corn meal spilled in my clean refrigerator, reminding me to die to self,
and in my dirty oven that the children messed up--
speaking about inner cleanliness,
as I wiped out its interior?

How about Lord, in the morning, when I awake,
isn't that You that fills me with fresh energy and joy?
Your spirit reminds me to pray--
prompting me over and over—
encouraging me to stay faithful.

Oh, the creative idea I had for my classroom!
You gave that to me, right?
For not a good thought passes my mind
that You are not in it.

In disappointment, I heard your voice uttering wisdom—
giving me knowledge and direction.
You are in all things and everywhere.

If I look at the bushes that have withered this winter,
I am reminded that You sustain all life--
nothing survives without You sending rain from above.

And if I see the new green grass
and flowers beginning to bloom,
I am given hope.
Isn't that from You too?

All day long You remind me of how
I am to be--of how I am to become--
like You. Calling, beckoning, bidding me come.
When I am so weary--waiting patiently, until I respond.

Isn't that I who is now here with You?
You who were always here, always near,
always in everything and everywhere. S.M. '96
Later, I will share more on "becoming" from a book I am reading called Poverty of Spirit.

In His peace,

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  1. This is beautiful! I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying your posts! May the Holy Spirit continue to inspire you!