Friday, February 25, 2011

Out of the Mouth of Babes

Dear friends,

Over the thirty-one years of our married life, Punky Doodle (my husband) and I have chosen themes for the new year that usually rhyme, like this year, "On earth as it is in heaven in 2011." And last year, "Breakthroughs again in 2010." And my favorite from 1984, "Trust and believe in the Lord as never before in '84."

At that time, we were living in a smaller city and while driving back home after spending the Christmas holidays with family in Tulsa, we were excitedly talking about how we were going to trust and believe...and we were immediately put to the test.

Upon entering our little house we found that a pipe had burst while we were away and flooded every room. Needless to say, I was quite upset and overwhelmed with the task before us.

Our daughter, Jacqueline, four years old at that time, had these words of wisdom as I sat on her bed staring at the sopping carpet:

"Mama, don't cry.
Jesus is in our hearts.
Jesus is in our home.
Jesus will take the water away."

Right "out of the mouth of a have framed a hymn of praise." Mt 21:16

I sat speechless, dried my tears, then got to work.

The sweet little story traveled the world since my in-laws shared it at a story contest on a cruise...and won!

Twenty-seven years have passed since then and that story is gilded in gold because God's faithfulness has proven true all through the years.

May our mouths be filled with hymns of praise.



  1. may there be many more spirit filled moments for all of us.

  2. Every day, through the day, in the now moments...sensing the prompting and moving with the Spirit...that is my heart-felt wish for you!