Saturday, February 5, 2011

Daily Dressing

Daily, and mysteriously eternal,
even while in my polka dot pajamas,
when I lift my arms and say,
"Papa, I am Yours!"
"Mama, totus tuus!"
the annunciation "Yes" ascends. (Lk 1:38)
Remembering my nothingness,
borne of dust to which one day,
I, too, shall return.
I can not give myself breath,
nor the Spirit,
nor any good thing,
for all is gift from You above. (Jas 1:17)
I surrender my nothingness
knowing You
can make something of me,
as You see fit.
And if you make something beautiful,
it is Yours not mine;
and if not,
your grace will enable me
to accept Your perfect will.
as on the day You were baptized
in the River Jordan by John,
your glory was revealed
in your spirit of poverty.

Yet, I declare
my true baptismal identity
as your child, Father,
as priest, offering my life to You for others;
as prophet, listening for Your voice,
as king, standing firm in full armor
against...the powers of darkness...
and always...praying...(Eph. 6: 10-18)

Now I am dressed,
and ready to go out
(well, I need to change my pajamas)
into the world,
to share
the Gospel of peace.

Thank you for visiting again, friends,
and peace be with you,


  1. "Your glory was revealed in Your spirit of poverty"--I love that--once again, much honor and glory given to our Lord--love the way you express it!

  2. You are truly dwelling in the secret place of the most High as you type these words. It is evident that He has your attention. It speaks loudly to me, "Martha, Martha. Mary has chosen the better part. Sit at my feet. Learn of me." And I respond, "Yes, Lord. Your servant hears......but whose going to cook dinner?"