Saturday, February 26, 2011

"God love you!"

Dear friends,

Every week-day afternoon I spend two hours with my dear mama who has Alzheimer's disease. My precious time with her inspired this little prose:

Same buttons pushed to enter the doors.
I could probably do it blindfolded now.
Elevator up to the second floor
as I take my coat off.

"Hello, Tina!" "How's your husband?"
"Hello, Angela!"
The women who take care of her.

I enter her room as I have so often.
"Hello, Mother!"
Cheery voice hoping to stir a word, a look.
"How are you, mama?"
"You look so beautiful!"

I wait. Her eyes closed.
I look to see if her chest is rising and falling--
sleeping, or is she really?

"Your hair looks beautiful."
"Oh, mama, you are so beautiful."
I wait longer.

My eyes are glancing
at everything around her little room.
She peeks.
I saw her peek.
Little slits opened.

"Hello, Mama, it's me, Sheila."
Nothing yet.
I waited again.


The dinner hour passed.
Just a few smiles from time to time.

I tucked her in bed
that cold winter night,
kissed her on the face
and stroked her cheeks with my fingers.

It was then, with eyes looking right at me,
she said, "God love you!"

Have a glorious week-end!

Peace & prayers,


  1. Another good one, Sheila. Mom could have her own blog. It would get a gazillion hits!

  2. Thank you for your comment, Cathy.
    Yes, I think mom could have been another Erma Bombeck if blog sites had been available in her prime.