Friday, February 4, 2011

Prayer chair

Wake, stretch, morning offering
still in bed
slippers shuffling for the coffee pot
into the prayer chair (Mt. 6:33)
Upon entering
His holy presence,
before me and all around,
my breath deepens,
remembering the first man's breath.
The rise and fall of the chest,
the diaphragm expanding--
all for this deep breath
needed for the life that bears peace.
And in this remembering,
a child again arises quickly-- within
as if a giant needle just wove
my life-long breaths together.
Ahhh...the silence, stillness, food
for a soul hungering
for her true Love...r.
Breathing, waiting, mind clear,
distracted not,
or if so...
thanks for the grace to return again.
Sinking deeply into His embrace,
allowing myself to be loved
so that in love I may go forth.
Listening for His voice,
for His Word to speak
to His people's hearts.
Candle flickering in the darkness
stirs my soul,
allows the embrace to linger.
No arctic blast will cease the echo of one to another ...
bird... still carrying the universal song,
so I too will sing.
O Spirit, where are you moving?
Closely, I want to follow,
ever so closely
because your surprises are
better than what I can ever plan.
O, now I hear You..
pen writing what You've spoken to my heart
so I will not forget
that today
you will prove your faithfulness again,
O Faithful One!

Grace & peace,

p.s. It's raining down snow here in Tulsa.
May He reign in your heart today!


  1. "O Faithful One!" He is so ever faithful and the true lover of my soul. I long, with you, to linger in His presence today.

    Richest blessings to you dear sister in Christ.

  2. Precious Sheila -- I am so inspired by your gift. As I read this, I remembered the "word" that was given to you from God, "You are such a beautiful lover to ME!" And it is so evident from these beautiful words. Indeed, you have learned the gift of loving. How rich it is! Much love to you!

  3. Here are you two beautiful friends again and I rejoice! I can see us together before long and it will be a glorious day of smiling much until our cheeks hurt.
    Thank you for your words that have carried me onto angel wings this morning.
    O what a blessed life we share!